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On How To Make Life Better And More Interesting Again…

There are many things in life that can make you happy. Hanging out with your friends,  doing the stuff you love, eating delicious food, watching a nice movie or playing a game once in a while and so on. But what about making life even more interesting and spicier? Try to experiment with yourself (well that sounds just wrong) and your environment. I once tried to live a week without any internet connection.(Vacation does not count - that is something different ) Trust me, for an teenager its is one of the hardest thing to live without. It was hard for me but I faced the challenge and mastered it. And now I have a great story to tell my friends. Right  my challenge is  to write this blog daily, we´ll see how long this will last. Little challenges and experiments you set up in your daily routine will make life a little bit more interesting. Once again I will show you a blog-entry from the art of manliness. Erik Kennedy talks about his experience and gives you some suggestions on which experiment you could challenge yourself. It might be doing a morning workout (I faced this once - well I don´t workout in the morning anymore), trying to eat healthy and many other suggestions.

Comment and tell me your suggestions. If I like your idea I might try it on my own. And I wil definitely tell you about my experience.Let´s make life awesome again.

On How To Be A Gentleman…

What does it take to be a gentleman?  Is it just opening doors for others? Or is it talking like a professor? Am I a gentleman? Or are there any gentleman in this world anyway? These are some questions you might ask yourself. I personally try my best to be a gentleman. I try to always open the doors for women. I try to complement my friends. And for me personally the most important thing is just to say thank you. It happens way to often that I open the door for others and I don´t recieve any appreciation . I don´t expect much, but a simple thank you would be appropiate. It happens so often that I even wonder if being a gentleman is desired anymore. Appreciation or not - Being a gentleman is a decision men make for themselves. If you want to call yourself a gentleman, you have to life by a few simple principles. Todd from fearlessmen made this article on just these few principles which every gentleman should take to heart.


What is Manliness?

I have been talking about how to be a man, about what the lies and myths about manhood are and now I want to cover what real manliness is. Many different traits contribute to real manliness, for me personally good manners and being a gentleman are the most important points that  make up our real manliness. But there are many more things, most of them are covered by, another website every real man should visit once in a while.There is one particular article about what is manliness. If you ask yourself what is manliness, this article will definintely give you anwsers.

The people of the art of manliness  themsleves made a video, where they asked random people on what they think is manliness. This is where you see how people define manliness for themselves:

The Lies Of Manhood…

Today I am going to talk about the lies of manhood. We all have this one picture of the one and real man. A man must not cry, He is a player, He has to build a family, He has to know how to make a fire and so on. Some of these might be true and some are just made up by hollywood. So what are the real values of manhood? I found this really interesting article again at Where Todd- one of the most active bloggers at fearlessmen- talks about the lies of manhood. Many “men aim for what others say should be important”. I hope this article again helps you to build up your self-confidence and to dispel your image of the man made up by hollywood.



Todays quote is a very encouraging one. I don´t know who said it, but does it really matter who said it? If the words are inspiring and make you think about ilfe again, anyone could have said it and it is still fine. I want you to take this quote to heart and live by these few words.

 A man knows his limits, but a real man can overcome them. 

On How To Be A Man…

Many men out there might ask themselves: Am I a real man with the traits and habbits I use to have right now? Are the things I do really manly?  What does it take to be a real man.?

I discovered this nice article from one of my favorite blogs for men out there. It is from A website with many very helpful and inspirational articles I think this one anwserss our question pretty good.

Fearlessmen is a website which everyone should visit once in a while. If you are on the run, if you are sitting in the bus or in a train, check out their app for android - You will have hundrets of articles about topics men really care about right in your hand and for free!

And again let´s end this post with a very inspirational quote Plato once  said:

“The man who makes everything that leads to happiness depends upon himself, and not upon other men, has adopted the very best plan for living happily. This is the man of moderation, the man of manly character and of wisdom.” 

What this is all about…

This is the place where I am going to post videos, websites, quotes, other blogs, basically everything that fits into my lifestyle. Manliness, Awesomeness are the two traits that I live by and which I want to share with you guys. Follow me for many inspirational, cool, funny , manly, awesome, delicious moments.

Let´s end this introduction post with a inspirational quote that I absolutely love. It is a qoute of rapper Lupe Fiasco, one of my favorite artists. His Songs are not typical for the rap scene. Sex,Drugs,Bitches are not topics he is rapping about. He sings about love and problems, important topics that concern everyone. This quote is from his Album L.A.S.E.R.S. which is the sortcut for our quote today:

Love.Always.Shines.Everytime.Remember 2.Smile

 Lupe Fiasco